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Andrew C. Pilaro, Vice Chair

Andrew’s financial background and experience living abroad make him a valuable asset to the ASSIST Board. Andrew is chair of the Campaign Steering Committee, and he chairs the subcommittee on investments.

Andrew graduated from Suffield Academy in 1988, an ASSIST member school since the inception of the program, and he went on to the University of Virginia, graduating with a bachelor’s degree, and received his MBA from Columbia University. A keen mind for finance and business has led him to become chairman of CAP Advisers Limited, a single-family office based in Dublin, Ireland. He also sits on the boards of ShipTime, Inc. and Berkshire School, and he is a member of the steering committee for the Ron Brown Scholar Program. The CAP Charitable Foundation’s mission is to support organizations in the arts, medical research and education. ASSIST’s mission lines up well, and the CAP Foundation is happy to actively ASSIST support. 

Andrew lives in Southampton N.Y., with his four sons.