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In 1969, thirteen students from Germany became members of eleven American independent school campuses - pioneering the ASSIST experience. 

Those thirteen Scholars were the first of thousands. Today, 5,050 Scholars have completed an ASSIST year in the U.S., representing 52 countries and have gone on to become incredible global citizens and international leaders.

ASSIST’s alumni are international leaders and global citizens. They’ve learned how to navigate national, cultural, and ethnic boundaries. They are fluent in multiple languages. They’ve shared those experiences with their families, their schools, their work places, their communities. They’re key players in their countries, and they’re making the world a better place – one relationship at a time.

Staying connected with ASSIST’s ongoing mission and with other alumni is one of the lifelong benefits of being an alum, so don’t miss out!

Our Network of Alumni

ASSIST alumni stay linked through a powerful worldwide network supported by a restricted-access online community. You can stay in contact, support each other, and help each other achieve your dreams. It’s a network of support, advice, and connections that lasts a lifetime.

  • Make sure you know about ASSIST events in your country

  • Offer or apply for internships

  • Seek career advice or pursue employment opportunities

  • Get help when moving or traveling to a new place through apartment swaps, real estate advice, and other support from friends

If you’re an ASSIST alum, click here to sign up to become part of the Alumni E-Community today to access the worldwide network. It’s the best way to be notified of ASSIST events near you, to offer or apply for internships, to seek career advice or to pursue employment opportunities, or even to get help when moving or traveling to a new place.