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ASSIST Representative

We ask each member school to designate an ASSIST Representative to act as the liaison between ASSIST, the school, and the student’s host family. By identifying a go-to person to facilitate communication, the relationships become cordial and cohesive.

Each ASSIST Representative should be familiar with two important documents that provide important information about our partnership, as well as the other resources below.

Important Understandings for ASSIST Students

Important Understandings for ASSIST Students  is a booklet designed to familiarize students with the ASSIST program and expectations.

Guiding our Partnership

The Guiding our Partnership booklet is designed specifically for member schools. This booklet combines almost five decades of ASSIST’s organizational experience along with experiences our students have shared, concerns and experiences of host families and school colleagues, U.S. State Department regulations, and standards set by the Council on Standards for International Education Travel (CSIET).

This is our go-to guide to help ensure each school’s ASSIST Representative has the information he or she needs to get started on everything from host family recruitment to student acculturation and support.

If you are interested in being an ASSIST Rep for your school, please complete the ASSIST Representative Registration Form