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ASSIST Finalist Application Instructions

2017/18 Scholar from Palestine


From within your country competition, you have been asked to complete an ASSIST application. What you are asked to complete varies by country; you may not have to complete all of the materials on this page.

Please read with great care the PDF document below that guides you through what is specifically required in your country.

Application Process for 2018/19 Scholarships

1. Documents to Read

2. Country Specific Documents to Read

3. Documents to Complete

4. Complete Your Application

Click here to Apply

5. Please complete all application materials and mail them to the applicable address noted below.

Mrs. Kristen Sullivan
68 Bridge Street, Suite 213
Suffield, CT  06078

Mrs. Sullivan will notify you regarding the results of your application.

To receive more information about the ASSIST program or if you have any questions about any aspect of the scholarship competition, please feel free to contact Mrs. Kristen Sullivan at