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Pamela Haering Freer HP16

Pam’s background in international business and marketing makes her a uniquely qualified addition to the ASSIST Board. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Government and Policy Studies, Pam began her career as an account manager in Chicago. She worked for multiple advertising agencies on global accounts for major companies including General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Maybelline, before going on to run the International Ad Sales Marketing Team for Time Warner in New York. There, she managed marketing teams in Europe, Asia, New York, and Latin America. She was asked to bring her marketing experience to the Viacom Corporation as the SVP of Viacom Plus, a division that she launched and co-led.

When her twin daughters were born, Pam left the rigor of the corporate world and began consulting. Her projects have given her the flexibility and opportunities to work in education, luxury apparel, athletic apparel, and television programming. Throughout her career, Pam’s passion for education resulted in decade-long relationships with Vistamar School and Chadwick School, where she currently serves as a board member.

Today, Pam lives with her husband, Randy, and their daughters in Rolling Hills Estates, California.