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The ASSIST Partial Scholarship

The Class of 2017/18

Every year, each ASSIST member school commits a full scholarship to one of our students. It is very unusual for American secondary schools to offer scholarships to international students. It is through the success of over 5,050 ASSIST Scholars over 48 years that this is made possible.

With a worldwide applicant pool of more than 1,500 students, we have many more qualified applicants than we have full scholarships available, and schools have limited financial aid budgets. This led to the creation in 1987 of the partial scholarship, which has allowed an additional 2,127 well-qualified candidates to become ASSIST Scholars.

For 2017/18, member schools have made 78 partial scholarships available to ASSIST Scholars. Because families pay part of the tuition, the program fee for the partial scholarship is more than the full scholarship – US $30,700. As a family, you are doubtless wondering if this is a wise investment for your son or daughter.

Hear from the Per Olsson, father of Harald ’10, Nanna ’12, Boel ’14, and Astrid ’15.

Why invest in an ASSIST Partial Scholarship?

What did the Class of 2014/15 do with their experiences?
Each year, we profile a number of students and ask them about their ASSIST year and about the quality of their experiences. We have excerpted a sample of responses, the enthusiasm of which is very convincing. Please read What difference can a year make?

We hope you will accept your scholarship and join the ASSIST Class of 2018/19.

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