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Scholarship Candidates

Ever dream of studying in one of America’s elite independent schools?

Looking for an opportunity to experience the world, deepen your knowledge base, satisfy your curiosity, and explore your talents while making connections in a new culture?

ASSIST exists for students just like you. Imagine having the opportunity to immerse yourself in American culture and to share your own perspective at a prestigious American school.


Expect a competitive application process, because our candidates are some of the most exceptional students from around the world. Of 1,060 students who applied last year, we traveled to interview 526 finalists—and just 160 made the cut. Those who are named as ASSIST Scholars receive a one-year scholarship from a highly selective private high school that feels much like a university.

If you’re driven to excel, impassioned to learn, and excited to experience a new school and culture firsthand, we’d love to consider you. Start your application today!

Scholarship Opportunities

Full Scholarships

A full ASSIST scholarship covers it all: tuition, room and board at a boarding school, or tuition and housing with a volunteer host family at a day school.

Partial Scholarships

Partial scholarships cover a portion of your tuition, room, and board.

Davis Program Scholarships

The Davis Program is unique in that it allows students to study for two or three years at one of the four boarding schools that are part of the Davis International Scholars Program. Davis Scholars graduate from their school with an American high school diploma, and many go on to study at an elite American college or university.

The selection process for Davis Scholarships is particularly competitive, because we typically only accept 3-5 applicants each year. If you think you’re a great candidate, you can apply through your country’s ASSIST Coordinator.