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Lillian Gharios, Jordan, Hebron Academy (ME)

"My ASSIST experience gave me the opportunity to understand the world. Throughout my year in the U.S., I learned how to accept everyone and believe in their best - a life-long lesson that will serve me well and help me succeed. I now have more than just one home - I have many ASSIST homes around the world. I can say, I can never be more proud of being part of ASSIST, and I can never thank ASSIST enough."

Irina Fala, Moldova, The Potomac School (VA)

"Thank you ASSIST for such a wonderful opportunity to study abroad, to learn so much about the U.S., about myself and other countless things that changed my life. I came here a 17-year-old girl with a small suitcase and very little awareness of the world outside my county. Now, I’m about to leave as an 18-year-old with at least 2 suitcases and so many memories, experiences, exciting ideas, challenging plans for future and, simply, wisdom. I feel more confident in my abilities, more focused on important future plans, and more independent. I learned beyond my expectations, and I discovered how strong I actually was. I’m a proud ASSIST student! THANK YOU! I hope there is a way to give you back as much as you gave me!"

Lovro Sprem, Croatia, Woodberry Forest School (VA)

“My year in the United States was truly life-changing. I saw and experienced things I hadn’t known existed and had so many doors opened for me. I have become a more open-minded, adaptive and interesting person. During my ASSIST year, I kept thinking about the quote: ‘The object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot in one’s own country as a foreign land."

Maria Zlatkova, Bulgaria, Mercersberg Academy (PA)

"My ASSIST year helped me define my perspective, my goals, my life and myself and, like all life changing experiences, went by too quickly. I got so much out of the program that I can't even think of a way to give. My heart will always belong to ASSIST and to Mercersberg. I know I am part of a tradition of loyalty, acceptance, and belonging that is not going to fade with time. Thank you, ASSIST, for helping me realize now that my future is not so scary."

Gustaf Lidfeldt, Sweden, Suffield Academy (CT)

"My year at Suffield allowed me to explore a different culture by interacting and sharing ideas with others in a caring and diverse community. It opened my mind to new ways of thinking and developed me as a person. This year will always have a special place in my heart as I head into my future."

Tara Blundell, Australia, Berkshire School (MA)

“ASSIST exposed me to people whose friendship can endure a lifetime; a school where learning does not end in the classroom, and a new outlook which will last a lifetime. My experience was not limited to one year, but has changed the way I experience life.”

Andrei Macovei, Moldova, Phillips Andover Academy (MA)

“The year that I spent in the U.S. has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people like my host family, and school friends with whom I still regularly communicate. I am sure that these relationships will last a lifetime. I have learned a lot from my host family—their inter-family respect and dedication to their community are models of what I want in my own family.”

Emil Erne, Sweden, Salisbury School (CT)

"For people looking to apply to Assist I would say put a lot of effort into your application. Assist puts a lot of emphasis on school match, and being genuinely interested in the things you write about in your application makes the risk of ending up at a school where you will not feel at home a lot smaller. Everyone I know has been extremely happy with Assist’s placement and their Assist years altogether, so my number one recommendation is to APPLY as fast as possible!"

Laura Pajuodyte, Lithuania, Hawken School (OH)

“I can’t imagine leaving Hawken at the end of the year. Thank you for this amazing opportunity that has already changed my life.”

Joanie Hofmeyr, South Africa, Episcopal Academy (PA)

"I remember reading reflections of ASSIST alumni a year ago, and the words 'life changing' came up a lot. My year at the Episcopal Academy not only became my favorite year of my entire life, but it also gave me the skills to make every year of the rest of my life as meaningful. I think about my year with ASSIST constantly - the memories find their way into my everyday thoughts and because I have so many positive, love-filled memories to reflect on, it's hard not to walk around with a kind of smile that I am only now learning to use."

Pia Bungarten, Germany, Suffield Academy (CT)

"I am very grateful for the decisive year I could spend as an ASSIST student at Suffield Academy. It laid the foundation for all I have done since then – opening a new world of ideas and experiences, creating the basis for college and graduate studies in the US, and for a life-long commitment to international cooperation and in particular to the German-American partnership. I am still in close touch with my host family from that time, and with many friends I got to know then. My ASSIST-year at Suffield Academy is "present" for me in many lasting and wonderful ways."

Yi-ming Yang, China, The Taft School (CT)

"For a Chinese student coming to America at that young age, ASSIST presented me with the greatest challenges of my life, but at the same time provided me with the best support to meet those challenges. Suddenly, I discovered potentials that I didn’t even know existed in me. I am the person I am today because of ASSIST."