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Local Representative

Ms. Christine D'Angelo


+1 860-668-5706

Important Dates

Application Deadline:

December 1st




Regular: $25 USD


US $19,000 for Sanderson Scholarships, US $36,250 for Lindfors Scholarships with Financial Aid Available

Home » Locations » All Other Countries

All Other Countries

Though ASSIST does not have a formal presence in your country, you are still welcome to apply and potentially become a part of the ASSIST Scholars community. Christine D'Angelo, Director of International Scholar Recruitment from our U.S. office, serves as your Program Coordinator.

Please review the following criteria to see if you are ready to be an ASSIST Scholar:

You are:

  • Currently in grades 9, 10 or 11.
  • Able to communicate proficiently in English.
  • A high achieving student with a strong academic record (grades in the A and B range.)
  • Interested in becoming involved in a school community outside of the classroom.
  • Eager to share your culture as an ambassador of your country, to learn what is unique about American culture, and to share what you have learned back home.

If you meet these criteria, please:

    • Academic transcripts from your most recently completed school year and this year-to-date, if available. Please include an English translation if not originally in English.

Based on these materials, you may be invited to apply formally to the program.

Applicants from Ramallah Friends School Palestine

ASSIST Scholars is thrilled to continue our partnership with the Ramallah Friends School to place its finest students on scholarship for one year at ASSIST Member School, Sidwell Friends School, located in Washington, D.C. Interested students should work with Ms. Gabriella Kaiyal, College Advisor at Ramallah, on steps for applying for this ASSIST Scholarship.


Please note that students placed by ASSIST at Ramallah Friends School are exempt from our program fee.

Applicants from Pharo School and Abaarso School of Science & Technology in Somaliland

ASSIST Scholars is proud to have a partnership with the two of the finest schools in Somaliland, Pharo School and Abaarso School of Science & Technology, to place its finest students for one year on scholarship at ASSIST Member Schools. Please note that Pharo an Abaarso students who win ASSIST scholarships are exempt from our program fee.


Interested students should work with their school's scholarship advisor:

Pharo School

Mustafe Yousuf
Scholarship Coordinator
Email: myousuf@pharofoundation.org
Phone +252 63 4416064

Abaarso School of Science & Technology

Elizabeth Ollerhead
Director of Post Abaarso and Institutional Learning
Email: eollerhead@abaarsoschool.org
WhatsApp: +252 63 700 6426

Applicants from Rise

ASSIST is pleased to welcome applications from this year's new Rise Winners and Finalists. Please email Christine D'Angelo at christinedangelo@assistscholars.org to confirm your eligibility and to receive instructions on next steps for applying to ASSIST. Please note that Rise Winners are sponsored by Rise, which means Rise will cover ASSIST's program fee, as well as some other associated expenses.

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