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Affording ASSIST

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ASSIST strives to make this opportunity available to the best candidates regardless of financial circumstances. Last year, 88% of ASSIST families received financial aid.

What Our Winners Receive

All ASSIST Scholars receive a scholarship to a leading U.S. private high school. Those who win Sanderson Scholarships, receive a scholarship for 100% of the tuition, room and board, which currently range as high as U.S. $81,000 at our boarding schools. Lindfors Scholarship recipients receive a scholarship for approximately half of those costs.

ASSIST's Program Fee

An ASSIST program fee, set by the ASSIST Board of Directors, is charged to the family of each successful candidate. This fee contributes to the cost of ASSIST's work on behalf of Scholars, both in America and around the world. It also covers a multi-day, in-person orientation program. As a mission-driven nonprofit, ASSIST seeks to keep our program fee low and responsive to family needs. The program fee for the '25-'26 school year is listed on your country' page. For the class of '23-'24, 88% of ASSIST families received financial aid.

Financial Responsibilities of the Family

 Additional Expenses

Families are also responsible for:

  • round-trip travel to the U.S. and to ASSIST Orientation
  • health and accident insurance
  • visa application fees
  • a medical examination and school-required vaccinations
  • spending money for personal expenses
  • any activity fees and expenses (such as books and supplies) charged by the school.

Financial Aid

ASSIST understands that even with a full scholarship, these extra out-of-pocket costs can be challenging. For families who demonstrate financial need, ASSIST can often help with these costs via generous donors who believe in our mission.

ASSIST's cost per Scholar

$$$ granted annually in scholarships
% of our students receiving financial aid
Number of students annually receiving support for additional expenses from donors
Average program fee financial aid award
Amount of additional support received