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How to Apply

ASSIST Scholars' Candidate Criteria

Primarily, our scholarship candidates are:

  • Entering 10th and 11th grade (though there are a few opportunities for those entering 12th grade and postgraduates)
  • Highly proficient in English
  • Able to study in the U.S. for 10 months, then return to their home country
  • Uniquely driven as students and engaged community members
  • From any country outside the U.S.

If you meet this criteria, we encourage you to begin our application process. Applications open annually in August. Before August or to learn more info, inquire with us. Visit the page for your country to see application steps for your area:

Application Process Overview

photo of three girls from Germany at boarding school

Step 1: Application

Log into our candidate portal to complete and submit:

  • ASSIST's online application form, which includes contact information, biographical details, and a few short answer essay questions.
  • Additional required materials on ASSIST's application checklist:
    • Teacher recommendations from English, Math, and a school administrator
    • Official academic transcript
    • Applicant photo and four informal candid photographs

Application deadlines can be found on your home country's page.

Baia ‘23

Perkiomen School

“My words cannot describe the adventure and experience I had in the USA because of ASSIST. In Georgia, a lot of people I’ve met and had conversations with mentioned that I came back as an even more grown-up, independent, and confident individual, which is a sign of progress and self-development.”

Caesar ‘24

Salisbury School

“This year so far has been one of the best years of my life. I have experienced a new culture, new traditions and met so many new friends.”

Nina ‘24

Bryn Mawr School

“It was my dream to study abroad. I love meeting new people and learning new cultures and traditions. I really love the ASSIST community, they’re literally like my second family.”

Lucie ‘24

Czech Republic
Gould Academy

“I am experiencing best days of my life in my ASSIST school. I am very happy with my school and I don't think there is a school that would make a better fit.”

Petra ‘23

Phillips Academy Andover

“I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities, growth, and invaluable experiences that your gift has afforded me.”

Hedi ‘‘24

St. Timothy's School

“The school system is essentially centered around students, for students. Teachers and both students truly value your contribution and different perspectives to class discussions.”

After the deadline, successful applicants will advance to the Scholarship Finalist stage.

Step 2: Language Proficiency

Scholarship Finalist candidates whose first language is not English will take the Duolingo English test to help determine their language proficiency.

Step 3: Interview

Scholarship Finalists will be invited to interview with ASSIST. Interviews take place from December through February. Most interviews are held in-person in the candidate’s home country. For some candidates, the interview will be held virtually.

Step 4: Selection and Notification

All candidates are notified of the status of their application in January and February. Students not offered a scholarship might be placed on a waiting list. Our waiting list closes in April.

Step 5: School Placement

Once named ASSIST Scholars, candidates are presented to member schools, which make the final admission decision. Newly enrolled ASSIST Scholars are notified of their school placements in March and April.

To begin your application, please visit your country's page for more details:

Financial Responsibilities of ASSIST's Families

For more information on the financial commitments of an ASSIST Scholarship, please see our Affording ASSIST page.