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Local Representative

Dr. Kristina Arheden


+46 705 151 881

Important Dates

Application Deadline:

January 15th


January (dates TBD)


$25 US


USD $19,000 for Sanderson (full) Scholarship, $36,250 for Lindfors (partial) Scholarship

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Sweden & Denmark

Welcome to ASSIST Sweden and Denmark

ASSIST Sweden and Denmark was established to help young Swedish and Danish students currently in Grades 9 or 10 who would like to spend one year as exchange students in the United States as 10th or 11th graders. There are also some opportunities available to students entering the 12th grade and as postgraduate students.


Our work in Sweden and in Denmark began in the 1970/71 academic year. Our first scholars distinguished themselves in their American independent schools, and ultimately many talented and gifted Swedish and Danish students have studied in the States under our auspices.

Virtual Information Sessions

Please email kristina.arheden@assistscholars.org for more information regarding the sessions or to register and get your Zoom link to the meeting. The webinars will be given in Swedish or English.

How to Apply

Students currently in Grades 9 or 10 are eligible to apply to ASSIST for placement in the 10th or 11th grade. There are also some opportunities available to students entering the 12th grade and as postgraduate students. Please note that the sooner your application is received, the earlier you will be notified if you have been selected to advance as a finalist and come for an interview.


To apply for the 25/26 school year, you will log into ASSIST's application portal. The application process for scholarships for the 2025/26 school year will begin in early August, 2024. Once your application has been submitted, you will have access to a checklist listing additional required materials, like teacher recommendations and grade transcripts. We encourage you to check your applicant portal often to see the status of your materials.


To obtain additional information about the ASSIST program or to answer questions that are not found on this website, please contact the coordinator of the ASSIST program, Dr. Kristina Arheden, kristina.arheden@assistscholars.org.


Interviews and English Language Testing

After receiving candidate applications, decisions will be made regarding those students selected to be interviewed. We will send an e-mail to those who will be interviewed, along with a link to take the Duolingo English Test, and this test will measure the candidates' knowledge of the English language. This test must be completed before the interview. If the Duolingo test fee is beyond your family’s resources, please contact your country coordinator or assist@assistscholars.org to request a Duolingo test fee waiver.


Dr. Kristina Arheden represents ASSIST in Sweden and she will notify you regarding the results of your application.

Program Costs

As with all international exchange programs, a fee is charged to all participants. The ASSIST Sanderson scholarship program fee in Sweden and Denmark for the 2025/26 academic year is US $19,000.


In addition to the fee, families are responsible for round-trip airfare expenses to the U.S., health and accident insurance, the medical examination, spending money (about US $150/month), and any activity fees and expenses (such as books and supplies) charged by the school.


Each year, ASSIST receives many more applications from qualified students than we have Sanderson scholarships to offer. In these instances, Lindfors scholarships – approximately half of the school tuition – will be offered to strong candidates.


The ASSIST program fee in 2025/26 for Lindfors scholarship students is US $36,250. Tuitions at member boarding schools in 2024/25 range up to US $78,000. ASSIST typically awards 75+ Sanderson scholarships and 90+ Lindfors scholarships to students annually.

Purposes of the Scholarships

These scholarships are offered for several important purposes. First, the student gains tremendously and grows in significant ways. Second, we believe that international peace and friendship are advanced when people from different cultures spend significant amounts of time living and learning with one another. Third, the presence of international
students greatly enriches the American schools in which they study.


For these reasons, all scholarships offered are for one year. At the conclusion of the 2025/26 academic year, all students must return to Sweden to complete their secondary education, or to apply to university (with an exception for students placed as 12th grade or postgraduate students). We hope over the following years that you will share what you have learned with friends, family, and fellow students.


Further Study
After spending a year at home, candidates may return to the United States for college or university study. A growing number of our students have taken this route and earned generous scholarships. ASSIST and the independent school attended in the U.S. will support the application with recommendations and advice.

To receive more information about the ASSIST program or if you have any questions about any aspect of the scholarship competition, please feel free to contact the ASSIST coordinators or ASSIST Alumni for Sweden and Denmark; Kristina Arheden at kristina.arheden@assistscholars.org.

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