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C. Joseph Gould

photo of C. Joseph Gould

Year appointed: 2013

Joe’s experience as a school administrator, lawyer, teacher and development director gives him unparalleled discernment as a member of the ASSIST Board, where he serves as chair of the Development & Alumni Relations Committee and as an ex-officio member of the Campaign Steering Committee. He also serves on the Student Recruitment Task Force. Joe graduated from Philips Exeter Academy, Harvard University, and the Boston College Law School. He went on to practice law, then served as Phillips Exeter Academy’s Director of Alumni Affairs. Joe closed out his domestic career as Assistant Head for External Affairs at St. George’s School in Rhode Island where he served for 20 years. Finally, after serving as the Director of Development of the International School of Brussels, Joe retired and now lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Williamsburg, VA where he remains actively involved in the educational field and contributes to ASSIST’s planning, recruiting and development efforts.