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Pamela Haering Freer


ASSIST Board Chair, Pamela Hearing

Year appointed: 2017

Pam’s background as an ASSIST host parent, a global marketing executive and education consultant makes her a uniquely qualified member of the ASSIST Board.

After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Government and Policy Studies, Pam began her career in advertising, working on global consumer brands before becoming V.P. of International Ad Sales Marketing for Time Warner-Turner (TWT) in New York. While there, she managed marketing teams in Europe, Asia, New York, and Latin America. Following her success at TWT, Pam was asked to join the Viacom Corporation as the SVP of Viacom Plus, where she built and co-led a division that developed integrated marketing solutions for Viacom’s top global clients.

Her lifelong passion for educational equity and access led her to consult on the launch of an innovative, diverse, independent school in L.A., and serve on numerous nonprofit education boards.

In 2020, Pam was selected to be a Senior Fellow in Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative Program and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Pam currently lives with her husband, Randy, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and enjoys every moment she gets with her college-age twin daughters.