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Pamela M. Thye

Vice Chair and Secretary

photo of Pamela Thye

Year appointed: 1992

Pamela first became acquainted with ASSIST in 1991 when she and her husband hosted an ASSIST Scholar. She now serves as the ASSIST Board Vice Chair, and is a member of the Campaign Steering Committee to help ensure that the gears behind the ASSIST framework turn smoothly. For many years, Pamela accompanied teachers and students who took part in the ASSIST European seminars in Brussels and Germany. Pamela has worked with the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Mayday Fund in New York, and several other nonprofit organizations. Thanks to her passion for nonprofit work and to her international experience from Peru to Germany, Pamela brings a unique perspective and incredibly valuable insight to ASSIST. Pamela attended the Nightingale Bamford School in New York City and the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, before attending Finch College. Today, Pamela lives in Connecticut and Florida with her husband, Renke. Pamela regularly facilitates alumni receptions and ASSIST marketing and development initiatives.