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Maia Gurgenidze

ASSIST Program Coordiantor / Director, Unique Learning

Maia Gurgenidze, ASSIST program coordinator serbia

Maia is our country coordinator in Georgia. She has a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Philological Sciences with a special interest in English Language teaching and learning. Maia is the director of English Book Education and Rector of the British University in Georgia. She is a co-author of several Macmillan English Language textbooks and frequently contributes to national and international debate on pedagogical matters, most notably in matters pertaining to English Language teaching and learning. Maia is highly regarded as an authority on education in Georgia and has pioneered the development of improved English Language teaching throughout the country. Always supportive of ambitious and talented young people, Maia has made it her life’s work to encourage their academic progression in English-speaking countries. She enthusiastically engages in international projects that further their endeavours.