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Photo of ASSIST Scholar Baia

“My words cannot describe the adventure and experience I had in the USA because of ASSIST. In Georgia, a lot of people I’ve met and had conversations with mentioned that I came back as an even more grown-up, independent, and confident individual, which is a sign of progress and self-development.

Definitely, my worldview, perspectives, and knowledge widened, and I can’t help but appreciate what I was able to get and give.

The friendships I have made with multi-diverse and multi-talented people made it hard for me to say the last words before departure. An amazing, supportive, and wonderful community I was part of allowed me to be my authentic self, let me connect with people, and share my positive energy with everyone. My mind is filled with unforgettable memories with them, and we will continue to be in touch for the rest of our lives.

I have a lot of highlights from my year:

  • At the dance recital, I shared two national Georgian dances in my traditional dress with the Perkiomen School Audience. I performed in a variety show. It was wonderful to participate in a Cultural Festival, where I shared my culture, some traditional dishes, Georgian history and invited them to visit my homeland.
  • I was the first Georgian student at Perkiomen, and I was delighted to show and share Georgian spirit at its finest level.
  • I became an honorable member of the Cum Laude Society.
  • I received a distinction from Artificial Intelligence Institute because of the capstone project I created and worked on during robotics club. The system that I made with my teammates was then introduced at a STEM exhibition and conference and became installed in the school’s Farm 365.
  • I participated in varsity swimming. Challenging for me as a winter extracurricular activity? Yes, but in the end, all my hard work and dedication got appreciated. I received the most improved player status which was a great honor for me.

I appreciate everything greatly! I am forever grateful!