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Bessie Speers

Head of School


“As our world navigates a global pandemic, the mission of ASSIST is even more critical for our school communities. While our human tendency may be to hunker down, not to venture internationally, we must continue to seek beyond ourselves for meaning and understanding. I have been in education for over thirty years and have been fortunate to welcome and get to know dozens of ASSIST scholars as part of school communities. All of these ASSIST students have been truly incredible people. While they are each unique individuals, coming from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, what they share in common is a maturity beyond their years, a willingness to explore a brand new school community. Each of them has enriched the lives of host families, students, and the entire school community. I am ever grateful for ASSIST, and especially right now, for reminding us of our common ties as school communities and human beings around the globe. Global understanding and curiosity are going to be even more important moving forward post pandemic and ASSIST has certainly provided us all with an important bridge towards understanding. I am convinced ASSIST’s mission and scholars will continue to help us become a more peaceful world.”