Photo of ASSIST Scholar Baia

“My words cannot describe the adventure and experience I had in the USA because of ASSIST. In Georgia, a lot of people I’ve met and had conversations with mentioned that I came back as an even more grown-up, independent, and confident individual, which is a sign of progress and self-development. Definitely, my worldview, perspectives, and…

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photo of Aureja

“ASSIST has inspired me to become a global citizen not only by scratching more and more countries off of my map, but also by becoming a part of the global ASSIST community, joining in on global projects as well as sharing my own culture. All of this has translated into me being in the IB…

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photo of Zhenya

“I always wanted to do an exchange year and going with ASSIST was definitely the right decision. Not only are you given the opportunity to be at the leading schools around America, but you build lifelong friendships and relationships and become part of a big family.”On a highlight of her ASSIST year: “I attended the…

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